Friday Class


Knitting with Silk - Kitty Bryan - Friday, June 8 1pm - 4pm- $40

Looking to up your knitting game?  Silk is an amazing luxury fibre that adds shine, strength and drape to your finished items.  Yarns with a high silk ratio need some special techniques to make them really stand out, but once you master it, you'll love knitting with it! Come learn the origins of silk, and master your silk knitting skills to ensure that every item you knit with a silk based yarn will be a finished-object you love!

Students need their favourite stitch dictionary, 100% silk (will be available at Between 2 Lakes), and one pair of circular wooden or bamboo needles size (US) 5,6 or 7. 

Contact Between 2 Lakes at or 705-887-7667 to register for this class. 

Saturday Morning Classes


SOLD OUT - creating beautiful and practical rag rugs - 10:30 am - 1:30 pm - $30 - linda jeffry 

The first session of this class sold out in just a few weeks! If you've been waiting for another session to open up, this is your chance! This class will provide an introduction to the various types of rag rugs that can be created and then teach techniques in one kind of rug. Key styles include toothbrush rug, locker hooked rug, twinned on loom, and crochet flannel rag rugs


the ins and outs of double knitting - 11 am - 1 pm - $40 - louise patterson - wildflower wools

Double knitting makes a reversible fabric that is knit using 2 colours of yarn. Students will learn to knit holding two strands of yarn in one hand or holding a colour in each hand producing a stockinette fabric with a different colour on each side. Students will practice switching colours from side to side as they knit a stripe, square and checkerboard pattern. We will begin with a 2 colour cast on and finish with a 2 colour cast off. Students will also practice fixing those inevitable mistakes.


sold out - knitting with handpainted yarns - 11 am - 1:30 pm- $45 - designer kitty bryan 

Have you ever purchased a beautiful skein of hand painted yarn just to have it look like mud when knitted? Understanding the dyer's approach to the dye pattern is the first step in maintaining the beauty of the yarn.  The second step is transforming the yarn into a fabric that highlights the dye pattern. This workshop presents the basis of Gestalt fabric.  The goal is to move the knitter from “performing a stitch in a pattern” to “understanding the way a stitch will look and perform”. Designed with purpose, each element of knitted fabric is carefully selected to suit the unique characteristics of an individual hand painted skein. 


sold out - i-cord: let me count the ways! - 11 am - 1 pm - $25 - Deb Gemmell - Cabin Fever

Knit the smallest tube possible with 2 needles. This little I-Cord tube can then be worked as a cast on, cast off, built into your knitting or attached after the knitting is done. You can even make buttonholes with it. These 3 little stitches can do amazing things. Come and learn how I-Cord techniques can improve your knitting!

Saturday afternoon classes


steeking without fear - 2 pm - 4 pm- $45 - designer kitty bryan

You’ve spent weeks knitting a project, and now you are supposed to cut it? Kitty Bryan will teach you how to cut and finish knitted steeks without fear. This course will show you why cutting your knitting can actually be a good thing. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of properly creating, preparing and cutting steeks and how to create hand-sewn and crocheted steeks--all while making an adorable coffee cozy.


First Time Top-Down No-Sew Sweater - 2 pm - 4 pm - $25 - deb gemmell - cabin fever

Learn the key techniques used in knitting top-down no-sew sweaters by knitting a Teddy Bear sized Raglan Yoked sweater from the Top Down. Begin with the neckband and work down to the bottom edge. You are in charge of all the lengths of your sweater. Learn how to transfer these skills to knitting for yourself and loved ones! 



sold out - Creating Beautiful and Practical Rag Rugs - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm - $30 - linda jeffrey

This class will provide an introduction to the various types of rag rugs that can be created and then teach techniques in one kind of rug. Key styles include toothbrush rug, locker hooked rug, twinned on loom, and crochet flannel rag rugs


demystifying brioche - 2pm - 4pm - $40 - lousie patterson - wildflower wool

Students will learn a solid foundation of Brioche basics starting with one colour Brioche knit and purl stitches worked flat. Then move on to two colour Brioche knit and purl stitches worked flat, while working on the ability to confidently read stitches and determine which row you are working on and fixing common mistakes. Students who have some Brioche knitting experience we will practice the simple increase and decrease that is included in their handout.